golden globes + idol

The Minneapolis auditions of American Idol were SO BAD. And I loved every minute of it. Hehe. But I really can’t wait until they get to Hollywood. I get tired of the auditions after a few episodes.

I also watched my recording of the Golden Globes from last night. I watched the 3+ hour show in about 50 minutes. Thank goodness for that fast-forward button. 😀 I was incredibly happy that America Ferrara and Meryl Streep won. America was so beautiful and her speech so heartfelt and Meryl Streep, as always, was eloquent and classy. I adore both of those ladies. My favorite speeches, though, have to go to Hugh Laurie (he’s so subtly hilarious) and Sasha Baron Cohen (OMG, his speech bordered on inappropriate but damn, I was in tears from laughing so hard). And maybe it’s just me but did anyone notice the completely opposite vibe from the casts of Ugly Betty and Grey’s Anatomy? I sensed tension coming from the GA cast whereas the UB cast was so happy and everyone was clapping and hugging one another. They really seem like they enjoy working together. Plus, when Vanessa Williams bounded onto the stage from out of nowhere, they all cheered and gave her a group hug. Just… aww.

In Globes fashion talk, Reese Witherspoon and Hayden Panettiere had my favorite “looks” of the night.

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rob’s 27th bday

Rob’s 27th birthday is tomorrow (8/13) but we had his big bash last night at Cafe Mum’s in Japantown. Thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate with us! It was so much fun!

Anyway, it’s Friday and I’m tired so I’m going to do the OTP meme that’s floating around…

Number #1 OTP that is truly THE ONE TRUE PAIRING (withstanding the test of time and fandom whoring): Pacey and Joey, Dawson’s Creek. (Like there was any doubt?) It’s the banter and the wit, the sweetness and the sarcasm…
Your OTP Today: Ephram and Amy, Everwood. Ephram really disappointed me this past season but they have such a real and engaging chemistry, I can’t help but root for these two crazy kids.
Baby’s First OTP: My first real OTP obsession was Pacey and Joey… where I actually saved pictures I could find, rewatched episodes over and over, searched for fanfic, etc. However, before I got into “fandom,” my original OTP was Robin and Stone from General Hospital. Their love story still absolutely kills me.
That Rare Pairing That You Love: Colin and Amy, Everwood (a beautiful and tragic first love story). Dawson and Jen, Dawson’s Creek and Lucas and Peyton, One Tree Hill (untapped potential).
OTP That You’d Go to Bat For in Wank Situation: I don’t really care to get involved in fandom wank… but I suppose I’d argue for any of my couples.
Number #1 Anti-OTP, the Pairing You Hate with a Fiery Passion: Ephram and Madison, Everwood. I don’t even like thinking about them… if anything has disappointed me about the show, it’s the way this relationship reared its ugly head at the end of season 2 and the way it continued to cast a cloud over season 3.
Character You Pair Off With Almost Anyone: Veronica, Veronica Mars.

This is for rapid fire first OTP that comes to your head for each fandom, don’t cheat!
*Dawson’s Creek – Pacey/Joey
*BtVS – Buffy/Angel
*Felicity – Felicity/Noel
*Everwood – Ephram/Amy
*24 – Tony/Michelle
*Gilmore Girls – Rory/Dean
*One Tree Hill – Nathan/Haley
*Smallville – Lex/Lana
*The West Wing – Sam/Ainsley
*The OC – Seth/Summer
*Friends – Monica/Chandler
*Alias – Syd/Vaughn
*Lost – Kate/Jack
*Veronica Mars – Veronica/Duncan
*Roswell – Michael/Maria
*CSI – Nick/Warrick
*Harry Potter: Harry/Hermione

OTP meme

I started getting ready for the trip to Hawaii (squee!) this weekend… bought flip flops, beach towels, sunscreen, shorts (ugh, I don’t typically wear shorts but they’re a necessary evil), and of course, a swimsuit. Trying on swimsuits was… NOT FUN. I don’t really have body image issues but… blech. I’d rather not have to try on bathing suits again. Ever again. *shudders*

So… I finally managed to finish up Does anyone even remember that I bought that domain months back? lol. Anyway, I basically moved all my wallpapers and scans and combined them into one big multimedia site since I was getting tired of maintaining separate sites. There’s nothing new… yet. But there *is* a new layout! Please visit!

And some memes since I was tagged by Alie

Ships Meme
1. Pick your 5 favorite OTPs (One True Pairings)
2. Find pictures and post them
3. Give the name of the OTP and what fandom they’re from
4. List your favorite moment between them
5. Tag 5 people to do this meme

OTP #1 (aka my favorite ship of all time): Pacey and Joey, Dawson’s Creek

Favorite Moment: Joey running to the docks to tell Pacey she loves him… just in time to sail away with him on the True Love for the summer.

OTP #2: Ephram and Amy, Everwood

Favorite Moment: Ephram returning from his summer in New York to be greeted by Amy at the airport. (This scene *never* fails to make me smile).

OTP #3: Anne and Gilbert, Anne of Green Gables series

Favorite Moment: Gilbert’s marriage proposal to Anne at the end of Anne of the Island. (This is my favorite moment in the movies as well).

OTP #4: Harry and Hermione, Harry Potter

Favorite Moment: The entire time-travel sequence from The Prisoner of Azkaban.

OTP #5: Seth and Summer, The OC

Favorite Moment: Seth “sweeping Summer off her feet” (slow dancing in his room at the end of The Heartbreak).


Hot Guys Meme
List 10 celebrities that you find attractive and then tag 5 of your friends.
01. Joshua Jackson
02. Ewan McGregor
03. Jonathan Rhys-Myers
04. Brad Pitt
05. Josh Duhamel
06. Carlos Bernard
07. Mike Erwin
08. Ben Affleck
09. Michael Vartan
10. Tom Welling

I’m tagging anyone and everyone for both memes! 😛

TV ships meme

Hopping on the bandwagon…

1. Post a list of 10 TV shows you watch/ed (current or cancelled).
2. Have your friends list guess your favorite pairing from each show.
3. When guessed, bold the line & write a sentence about why you like that pairing.
4. Post in your own livejournal blog.

This should be pretty easy, right? Note that I only picked 1 pairing per show…

1. Dawson’s Creek – Pacey/Joey (guessed by Jessica, Robyn, and Nicola)
My ALL-TIME favorite ship. It’s the sweetness and the sarcasm. I just love how their rough edges break down when they’re together.

2. Everwood – Ephram/Amy (guessed by Jessica and Nicola)
Colin/Amy were my original ship on this show but Ephram/Amy were the ones who stayed with me.

3. American Dreams – Sam/Meg
4. 24 – Tony/Michelle (guessed by Jessica, Robyn, and Nicola)
He committed treason for her! That’s love, people!

5. One Tree Hill – Nathan/Haley (guessed by Jessica
I’m not completely loving them right now (stupid Haley!) but I do love their story. How he only went after her to make Lucas angry and ended up falling in love… Aww.

6. The O.C. – Seth/Summer (guessed by Robyn and Nicola)
I don’t know if it’s the prettiness or the playful banter, but they always make me smile.

7. Alias – Syd/Vaughn (guessed by Jessica and Robyn)
I know they’ve kinda fizzled out in the last season or so but… they’re so pretty! And they have such an easy chemistry with each other.

8. Smallville – Lex/Lana (guessed by Robyn)
They have so much potential! And they have far more in common than initially meets the eye. (Or maybe I’ve just read too many of Christie’s fics. Hee).

9. Felicity – Felicity/Noel

10. Friends – Chandler/Monica (guessed by Robyn)
Chandler and his dry wit. Monica and her neuroses. Fantastic.

Guess away! Yay, thanks for guessing! 🙂

michelle!!! squee!

Mmm. GREAT TV on FOX tonight.

First. Michelle is back on 24. SQUEE. The look on Tony’s face as he saw her walking into CTU? Priceless. They’re so my OTP.

Second. All the guys on American Idol were so much better than I expected (I’ve only seen the girls perform so far this season). I loved Anwar’s performance especially. He rocked that song. I’m pretty horrible at predicting these things but I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that either Scott, Anthony or Constantine will not advance to the top 12 on Wednesday.

seven on sunday

I hope everyone had a great Easter Sunday! 😀

Mine was really peaceful — I spent it home alone in my apartment (my roommates went home for the holiday). I was thinking about going to see my family in Southern CA but I just didn’t have the money for a plane ticket and now that I’m out of college, I hate pestering my dad for money. It’s okay though. I got the chance to watch old episodes of Dawson’s Creek! Ah, the good old days. You know, watching the past seasons really made me miss Capeside. The show just isn’t the same without Dawson’s dock, the glistening water of the Creek and the gorgeous sunsets. ::sigh::

And just cause I thought this was an interesting topic, I decided to do Rae’s Seven on Sunday:

My Top 7 TV Couples of All Time
1. Pacey and Joey (Dawson’s Creek)
2. Buffy and Angel (BtVS)
3. Brenda and Dylan (BH 90210)
4. Chandler and Monica (Friends)
5. Sonny and Brenda (General Hospital)
6. Michael and Maria (Roswell)
7. Clark and Lana (Smallville)

Gawd, I just realized that I’m really boring — there’s nothing unconventional or surprising about the couples I chose. Oh well, I love them all just the same.