tv wrap-up

I have to share another photo of Diesel…

I’m such a proud Mommy! 😀

Anyway, it’s been awhile since I’ve blogged about TV so I thought I’d get started with a TV wrap-up for the season.

Up first: Monday shows! Beware spoilers…

*yawn* This season was a huge disappointment. So much potential but not enough follow through… like what happened to President Logan? His ex-wife stabbed him and we don’t find out what happened to either of them. Or to Aaron. Now that I think about it they never explained what happened with Walid or to President Palmer. But anyway, I didn’t care for this season because of the introduction of the Bauer family and their antics. I mean, why introduce Philip and Graham now? And Marilyn and Josh? I didn’t care about them at all. Not to mention the fact that the whole storyline completely felt like the writers were just making it up as they went along. UGH. I did enjoy the finale, though, because I got to see Buchanan and Jack working together again. YAY! The last shot was depressing, however. *hugs Jack* I hope next season is an improvement.

Not much to say except that this is a *great* show. I love that the finale settled the first “chapter.” I just hope that Peter, Nathan, and Matt are okay. 🙁 I haven’t read spoilers in ages (for any show) so I have no idea if it’s been revealed that they’ll be back. I hope so. Anyway, is Sylar dead? Because it didn’t seem like it. But then again, none of the other heroes seemed to be too concerned that his body was NO LONGER ANYWHERE TO BE FOUND. That confused me. :/ My favorite part of the finale, though, was seeing Molly and Micah interact. Usually I don’t like child actors (cause they’re rarely good actors) but these 2 are awesome. 😀

I’m actually home sick today (I think I ate some bad sushi last night) so I decided to catch up on the 2 most recent episodes of Studio 60. Before it went on hiatus, I was a little bored with the show but watched it because there was nothing on TV at 10pm on Monday nights. I didn’t even miss it while it was off the air these past few months. I forgot I had set it for a season pass on my Tivo so I was pleasantly surprised to find 2 episodes waiting for me. I was even *more* surprised to find that I really, really enjoyed them both! If the remaining episodes are as good, I’ll be sad to see the show go.

season premieres

I’m finally posting about the new TV season!!! First up, the new shows…


Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip
I wasn’t that impressed with the premiere. Or even the second episode. The show’s a little too… preachy, maybe? I mean, I liked it but I kinda felt talked at, if that makes any sense. I’m also not crazy about Amanda Peet as Jordan. She comes across as too wide-eyed and innocent for me. And she only has 1 expression! The dialogue is sharp, though, and I absolutely adore the relationship between Matt and Danny (yay Matthew Perry and Bradley Whitford!). I’ll keep watching for them alone. I just wish the show didn’t air at 10pm. That’s my bedtime, hehe. 😀

Six Degrees
This show had to be great for me to make it appointment TV since Thursday night is entirely too crowded as it is (SMVL, SN, Grey’s, OC). And it just didn’t quite get there. I liked the characters but not enough to *care.* Sure, Whitney’s fiance is appalling, Damian’s situation frustrating and Laura’s story tragic but… that’s it. Nothing’s drawing me back for another episode. Mostly because they’re all such cliched storylines… cheating fiance, good guy with gambling debt, etc. I did enjoy the newly formed friendship between Damian and Carlos, though. That’s a plus. I’ll stick around for another episode.

This is the best of the new shows I’ve seen so far. Reminds me of X-Men, which is probably why I like it so much. 😀 My favorites so far are Hiro (HEE!), Claire (her Dad is creeeepy), and Nathan (yes, even though he’s an a**hole). I wanted to like Niki but her bitchy attitude is such a turn-off. WHAT IS HER DEAL? I’m also on the fence about Pete. The mystery about his power is intriguing but I just don’t think Milo Ventimiglia’s a good actor. :/ Anyway, this show definitely has a place on my TV schedule. Greg Grunberg next week, yay!

Ugly Betty
I. LOVED. THIS. SHOW. Awww. 😀 (I was secretly hoping it would be awful so I’d have one less show to watch on Thursdays… no such luck). America Ferrera rocks. It was predictable but it was also over the top and campy and it worked! I’m hooked!

So out of the 4 shows above, I’ll probably be tuning in for 3 of them regularly. Oh boy.