monday night tv

I wrote this entry LAST Monday. I just never finished it. And since I was home sick today (fever, so fun), I thought I would finally get it posted.

Monday night is, without a doubt, my favorite night of TV.

Gossip Girl. One Tree Hill. Chuck. Heroes.

Well, ok. Heroes really isn’t so great anymore but I still like to know what’s going on.

I’m an episode behind on GG and OTH but I’m all caught up with the other two so here I go with the comments (beware spoilers).

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yay bday

YAY Birthday!

Too bad I’m sick. I have a cold. And a runny nose. Not the greatest way to spend my birthday. Oh well.

At least I have lots of CUPCAKES to make me feel better. 😀

One of my managers made chocolate cupcakes with strawberry frosting for me. They were so yummy. We enjoyed these at work yesterday after an unexpected birthday lunch at One Market Restaurant.

Then I got home to find that Rob went to SPRINKLES! in Palo Alto to get my favorite red velvet cupcake along with some other flavors to try. SO YUM YUM YUMMY. Their Red Velvet is the BEST light chocolate cake with the most amazing cream cheese frosting. Black and White (dark chocolate cake with vanilla frosting) is a solid classic, Chocolate Marshmallow is a unique treat (dark chocolate cake with marshmallow cream topped with chocolate ganache), and the Strawberry (strawberry cake with strawberry frosting) just might be a new favorite. MMMM. (Don’t worry — Rob and I split these cupcakes. I admit I’m a piggy but I do exercise restraint sometimes).

Rob even picked up a couple of doggie cupcakes for Diesel — carob and yogurt flavored. He totally went crazy over these.

Rob *also* surprised me with the metallic rose Nintendo DS. (Please excuse my crazy face and the laundry behind me — how embarassing). The only game I have right now is Mario Kart and it’s THE BEST.

Didn’t do anything at all today since I wasn’t feeling up to it but I managed to get myself together to have a low key birthday dinner at Santa Ramen, my favorite Japanese ramen house across the bay. Soup was a good choice for this little sicky.

Then we headed to San Carlos and the newest Bay Area Red Mango location. I know it’s a trend but I seriously LOVE LOVE LOVE tart frozen yogurt. And Red Mango’s yogurt is pretty awesome. It’s nice and creamy with a really subtle tart flavor. I do wish it was slightly more tart than it was (like Pinkberry) but overall, it was excellent. Rob and I got our usual Original flavor yogurt with strawberries, captain crunch, and mochi toppings.

It was a good day. Despire being sick and all. 🙂

Random. I cannot send or receive text messages on my cell phone. UGH. I think it stopped working about 4 weeks ago when I went into the AT&T store and had my SIM card replaced. GREAT. I cannot wait to get on the phone and deal with AT&T on this. They are SO HELPFUL. Umm, NOT.

oth s5 + cashmere mafia

I’ve been sick. Like I couldn’t even sit-or-stand-up-straight-without-feeling-light-headed-and-wanting-to-faint kind of sick. I took Thursday and Friday off from work so basically for the past 4 days I’ve been in a constant state of… sleep. Today’s the first day I’ve felt well enough to go online. Ugh. And I think I still won’t feel 100% when I go back to work on Tuesday. I so did not think this would be how I would spend this 3-day weekend. Boo.

My hard drive is making really loud noises. Should I be worried?

I just realized that I’m about 5 episodes behind on Grey’s and 6 behind with Ugly Betty. That’s what happens when you watch 5 shows on Thursday nights. Oops. So with the lack of new TV lately, you’d think I’d be catching up, right? Nope. Because ABC has decided not to offer all the episodes for viewing on their website like they did last season. Only the most recent 5 or so episodes are available. I have to wait for them to actually rerun. And I’m way too lazy too download the shows the “other” way. But I guess that’s ok since it leaves me time to watch some of the mid-season replacements…

One Tree Hill
Only 3 episodes in and it’s been SO. GOOD. Seriously. I was a little wary of the 4-year jump but I’m over it. I LOVE that Skills is getting more screen time. He’s the BEST. But why does Mouth get his own storyline (which I HATE, by the way)?! There was a time when I liked him… up until everything that came out of his mouth (heh) sounded like it came straight from an after-school special. Grr. As far as the main characters, Brooke and Peyton are totally rocking this season (I am so happy about their return to best-friendship — AND they’re living together!), Lucas is still Mr. Goody Two-Shoes (and I actually don’t mind “his” Lindsey), and I continue to adore Nathan/Haley despite their completely unrealistic storyline (Nathan as a first round draft pick with a shoe deal? COME ON). But honestly, the best part of season 5 so far is Jamie! He’s so cute and a pretty darn good actor to boot! Awww. So yeah, so far, so good. The ONE thing I’m a bit worried about is the nanny… it just feels like they’re setting her and Nathan up for some sort of “affair,” which I would HATE. Anyway, good times.

Speaking of OTH, the cast was doing some sort of mall tour yesterday and guess who was here in San Francisco?! JAMES LAFFERTY. He was at Macy’s in Union Square. If I wasn’t sick, I probably would have thought about going. Maybe. 😀

Cashmere Mafia
I have to admit I watched this show for 2 reasons — 1) I love Lucy Liu, and 2) I miss Sex and the City. So I tuned in to the pilot. And let me tell you, this is no SatC. I was so disappointed. But I did learn that I just do not like Bonnie Sommerville. Totally irrational, I know. Now I’m waiting for Lipstick Jungle. Based on the promos, it looks like the superior show anyhow.

The Sarah Connor Chronicles also premiered, which Rob actually recorded, but when we tried to watch it, I just couldn’t pay attention. Oh well, I don’t really need another show to watch anyway.

Now I’m off to go medicate some more… :/

tv wrap-up

I have to share another photo of Diesel…

I’m such a proud Mommy! 😀

Anyway, it’s been awhile since I’ve blogged about TV so I thought I’d get started with a TV wrap-up for the season.

Up first: Monday shows! Beware spoilers…

*yawn* This season was a huge disappointment. So much potential but not enough follow through… like what happened to President Logan? His ex-wife stabbed him and we don’t find out what happened to either of them. Or to Aaron. Now that I think about it they never explained what happened with Walid or to President Palmer. But anyway, I didn’t care for this season because of the introduction of the Bauer family and their antics. I mean, why introduce Philip and Graham now? And Marilyn and Josh? I didn’t care about them at all. Not to mention the fact that the whole storyline completely felt like the writers were just making it up as they went along. UGH. I did enjoy the finale, though, because I got to see Buchanan and Jack working together again. YAY! The last shot was depressing, however. *hugs Jack* I hope next season is an improvement.

Not much to say except that this is a *great* show. I love that the finale settled the first “chapter.” I just hope that Peter, Nathan, and Matt are okay. 🙁 I haven’t read spoilers in ages (for any show) so I have no idea if it’s been revealed that they’ll be back. I hope so. Anyway, is Sylar dead? Because it didn’t seem like it. But then again, none of the other heroes seemed to be too concerned that his body was NO LONGER ANYWHERE TO BE FOUND. That confused me. :/ My favorite part of the finale, though, was seeing Molly and Micah interact. Usually I don’t like child actors (cause they’re rarely good actors) but these 2 are awesome. 😀

I’m actually home sick today (I think I ate some bad sushi last night) so I decided to catch up on the 2 most recent episodes of Studio 60. Before it went on hiatus, I was a little bored with the show but watched it because there was nothing on TV at 10pm on Monday nights. I didn’t even miss it while it was off the air these past few months. I forgot I had set it for a season pass on my Tivo so I was pleasantly surprised to find 2 episodes waiting for me. I was even *more* surprised to find that I really, really enjoyed them both! If the remaining episodes are as good, I’ll be sad to see the show go.

hp4 review

First off… HAPPY BIRTHDAY Christie! Hope you have a fantastic day! 🙂

Second… YaY CAL for winning the Big Game this past weekend. It was the first time I’d ever been to a Big Game and it was lots of fun. My ears are still ringing, though, from sitting in the student section with all the screaming fans.

Too bad I also got sick and had to stay home from work all day yesterday. I’ve been pretty miserable for the past few days but at least I caught up on TV. 🙂 There’s always a bright side.

And now… random HP GoF thoughts.

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home sick

I can’t sleep.

I got sent home from work today for being sick (I’m a sneezing, coughing mess) and I slept earlier from about 11am until 4:30pm. So now I’m trying to go to sleep (I’m going to attempt to go to work tomorrow) and I can’t. I’m like, wide awake.

I watched the MTV Movie Awards and I learned 3 things:
1. Paris Hilton is a robot. Why does she *always* stand with her hands on her hips?

2. Lindsay Lohan can’t dance. (Well, she can but not in the same league as the You Got Served dancers.) Ouch.

3. Jake Gyllenhaal is really, really cute. Really.

I’m still in a Harry Potter state of mind so I’m going to do this meme (stolen from Miss Windy)…

When did you first discover Harry Potter?
Sometime in the summer of 2001. My college roommate Angela and my best friend Robyn would talk about the books and I figured I’d check out what the hype was all about.

Were you hooked instantly, or did it take a while?
Instantly. There’s just something about the Wizarding World that really makes me want to believe in it.

Did you instantly fall in love with any specific character?
Harry. I’ve adored Harry since the first chapter of the first book.

Lupin. I just loved his relationship with Harry in PoA.
Marauder: Tie between James and Sirius. The inseparable pranksters.
Gryffindor: Hermione — smart and bookish but unfailingly loyal and brave. Love her.
Slytherin: Snape. Or maybe Draco, even though I don’t really find anything sympathetic about his character.
Hufflepuff: Cedric?
Ravenclaw: Err… Cho Chang?
Character overall: Harry. Harry! HARRY!

How long did it take you to read…
Book 1: One night. I wanted to finish it right away just to get to the next 3.
Book 2: One night.
Book 3: One night.
Book 4: One day.
Book 5: 2 days. This book was a tough one for me — the tension and the darker tone made it more difficult for me to read.

If you were in Harry Potter…
What house would you be in?

As much as I’d want to be in Gryffindor with Harry, I’d most likely be in Ravenclaw.

What would your pet be?
An owl. Something low maintenance. Plus, I don’t like rats (ugh) or cats.

What would your wand be?
After looking at the wand selection at Alivan’s, I’d want the Lignum Vitae wand — strong wood with the essence of Dragon’s whisker.

Who would you date?
Harry, please.

What would be your favorite subject?
Charms. It seems to be the most practical.


Totally random blog cause I’m medicated and just a little bit loopy…

In addition to being sick this past week, I lost a contact lens. So I had to wear my glasses. Guh. I have a really high prescription and my glasses are *heavy.* They weigh down on my face and give me a headache after a few hours of wearing them. They are evil. I have to wait a week, I think, for my new contact lens. This upsets me.

I’m also upset because I don’t have a 3-day weekend like the rest of my company. Humph. My division doesn’t have Monday off. Apparently we don’t recognize President’s Day as a holiday.

I also realize that my creekdaze domain is redirecting to some other site. My registrar messed up. %$#@! They keep telling me that it’s going to be fixed soon… *screams*

Some good news — I got my Britney Spears tickets! Hee. I didn’t manage to score free tickets from work but a co-worker did give me a head’s up when a second round of tickets was released to the general public. They’re lower level tickets but they’re pretty far back. Not as good as I would have liked but it’s cool. The only down side is that the concert is on a Tuesday (March 9)! Madness.

Okee dokee… gonna go get ready for Valentine’s Day dinner with Rob. 🙂 We’re going to have seafood. Mmm… YUM.

sick… again

I’m sick. Again.

So I’m doing The Friday Five to blog without *really* blogging… 🙂

At this moment, what is your favorite…

1. …song?
Britney Spears’s Toxic. Really.

2. …food?
spaghetti/fettucine-like dishes. I love pasta.

3. …tv show?
One Tree Hill

4. …scent?
Bath and Body Works’s Country Apple. Heaven. YUM.

5. …quote?
“Having done what we just did, did we commit spermicide?” — Dr. Brown from the Everwood episode Family Dynamics

Off to medicate myself…

grr. argh.

Still sick. I have wasted away my entire weekend sitting on the couch with my trusty box of Kleenex by my side watching reruns of Real World: Hawaii (my favorite!), Las Vegas, and Chicago. I am such a bum. I really find it weird that when i first started watching RW, I was like 14 and all the cast members were 7-10 years older. Now I’m as old or older than most of them! And when I turn 24 in October, I won’t even be eligible to audition for the show anymore! (Not that I want to or anything but that’s not my point). I feel so old.

Anyway, I always tell myself that when a new season of the RW starts, I’m not going to watch because each new one just seems to get progressively worse with all the sexing that goes on — but I find myself powerless to stop watching. Gah. Here I come RW: Paris! I also caught a few episodes of Surf Girls while watching too much MTV and thought that was a cool show… I shall add that to my weekly TV viewing schedule. 🙂

I was just surfing The and I discovered that the Dawson’s Creek link has been eighty-sixed. *sobs* The show is really over! I’m inconsolable.