uhh… goals?

In the same vein as Gela, I shall share my own list of goals that, ideally, should be accomplished by the end of the year.

1. Find a job I’m passionate about.
I’ve become way too passive — my current job is not exciting or intellectually challenging — it’s just *there.* I mean, the hours are perfect (8am-5pm and I never have to stay late or bring work home) and the money is good. My only problem with it is that it is one big routine — never anything new or interesting to do. I would love to work at the marketing department at the radio station where I used to intern while in college, if only they would have job openings!

2. Apply to graduate schools.
In answer to Amy’s question, I would like to receive my Master’s in Media Communication or Media Studies. I’m currently researching various universities and the types of programs they offer so I don’t really have a “get in or die” list of schools yet. Maybe USC or UC Berkeley, which is where I received my undergraduate degree. The one thing I’m worried about is getting letters of recommendation. I really should have made more of an effort to get to know my professors. ::sigh::

3. Get at least a 700 on the verbal section of the GRE.
This section of the test is SO hard — there’s antonyms, synonyms, reading comprehension and the analogies (my personal hell). The worst thing is that the test is done on a computer so if you remember the meaning of a word ten minutes later, you can’t go back and correct your answer. My score was average the first time I took it but if I want to get into a competitive program, I need to have a competitive score. Gah.

4. Get in better physical shape.
I used to be really active in college especially since just to get from class to class, it’s like a mile long hike. Heh, well, not a mile *really* but it felt like it — see, this is the crazy campus I had to maneuver just to get to my classes. Anyway, I’ve been severely lax when it comes to exercise and I’m not really helping by consuming lots of junk food. Rob and I have been pretty good about jogging around our apartment complex — I guess going to Hawaii in a month is really good motivation. 🙂

5. Create a mini-fansite for Pacey/Joey or DC in general.
Actually, now that I’ve made this a goal, I don’t really know how plausible it is. I loooove P/Jo and the show but after Season 5, I kinda lost interest. Plus, since Season 6 is rumored to be the last, and the show hasn’t exactly been gaining fans (losing fans is probably more like it), I don’t know if it’ll be worth my time. I don’t know — we’ll see.

6. Learn how to use PhotoShop.
I have PS 7.0 — I opened it up a few weekends back and it freaked the heck out of me. I’m just so used to PSP. I know where everything is and it’s just easier. But I have PS so I might as well learn.

You know, I wish that I had this blog back when I was in college — I think it would have helped me relieve the stress of school life. Darn. Cause just now, while I was writing out my goals above, I really felt like it helped me to clear my head — I don’t feel like such a mess anymore. 🙂

Random: I never knew that Shane West was on an episode of BtVS. Wow, he’s all hot and sweaty. Must watch A Walk to Remember.
[edit: The episode Shane is in is called “Go Fish.” 🙂 It’s only like 30 seconds but he’s in the steam room. Heh.]

S2 Buffy is the best

Yay for me — I just bought the second season of BtVS on DVD. 🙂 I can die of happiness now. S2 is definitely one of my favorite seasons — all the Buffy/Angel angst. ::sigh::

I just paid for the trip that Rob and I are taking to Hawaii in August — I can’t believe I charged such a large amount of money on a credit card. Eeek! But whatever, it’ll be great to finally get a chance to relax. I think I deserve to splurge on myself a bit. 😛

giles, how i missed you!

Wow, what an amazing episode of Buffy — I feel so emotionally drained from watching it. I love love *loved* seeing Giles again. 🙂 I’ve missed him so much! And since I don’t follow spoilers for the show too closely, I had no idea he was coming back. What a great surprise! I loved the Giles/Anya scenes (and was it just me, or did anybody else sense something between these two?), the Xander/Willow scene at the end, and of course, “Darth Rosenberg.” hee. I wasn’t too crazy about Dawn, though — I used to like her but lately, she really has been a bit annoying. But maybe that’s cause the writers haven’t given her much of a storyline. Eh, whatever the reason — I need her to take her whining off my TV screen. 😛 And whoa! That ending! I consider myself a Spike fan but I don’t know what to think. Hmm…

version 4 coming soon

I’ve been working on a new layout (well, not really — more like new graphics :P) for the past few days so expect to see a brand new look soon. 🙂
Hmm, aside from that, I haven’t really been doing much of anything — Tuesday Night TV tired me out. I found Roswell to be really good — I can’t believe that there’s only 2 more episodes left. *sniff* And is it just me or did that Connie girl look a lot like Tess? Weird stuff. I also managed to catch Smallville (another freak of the week episode), which grossed me out a bit. I detest bugs so watching a swarm of bees attack people was not fun at all. But did anybody see those promos for the Smallville episode that airs on May 21? I think that’s probably the season finale. Anyway, the tagline was “The Storm is Coming.” I wonder what that’s all about — I guess I should read spoilers, huh? Oh! Speaking of spoilers, I saw some *very* spoilerish pics for the season finale of Buffy on the spoiler board at Fan Forum. Interesting stuff indeed.

blah – i’m sick

Blah — I’m sick. 🙁

I had a slight fever yesterday so I spent pretty much the entire night in bed after I returned home from work. *sigh* Being sick sucks.
To make matters worse, *N Sync is here in concert tomorrow (well, technically today cause it’s past midnight) and I’m not going. ::sobs:: The past 2 times they’ve come to Oakland, I’VE been there… I even flew to Las Vegas to see them during one of their arena tours. *I was die hard.* But now, I’m just broke. Argh.

BtVS was pretty good tonight… I loved all the angst and pained looks between Buffy and Spike. ::sigh:: They could have been great. And OMG, I feel so *horrible* for Anya — weird though, cause I’ve never felt anything for her before. Sure, I liked her — she’s funny and candid but I always thought of her as more of a peripheral character. ::shrugs:: But still, she must be hurting.

Tuesday Night TV

Just got done watching Tuesday Night TV! 😀 Good TV tonight… well, with the exception of Buffy. I couldn’t really get into the episode because of the BAD ACTING! Maybe I was just annoyed because I love Spike and he showed his stupid side with that whole doctor crap. ::rolleyes:: Or MAYBE Riley and Sam really *are* cardboard cutouts of REAL people! ::sigh:: I was looking forward to seeing Riley again (believe it or not, I have a soft spot for the guy) but he had to hit me over the head with his monotone voice and sheer lack of emotion. I don’t remember him being that… boring. ::looks around:: But I have to admit, he reeled me in when he was telling Buffy that she was his first love. I was always sad that those two never had any real closure. And the ending… I call myself a Buffy/Spike shipper but I can’t help but think that they’re better off apart. I wish the writers had done something different with them… they had so much potential.

For a show that is in serious danger of being cancelled, Roswell was really good… any Dreamer will love this episode. It’s not really a romantic episode but you get a real sense of the amazing connection that Max and Liz share. From the flashes of Liz that Max kept seeing as he was in Clayton’s body to the end when Liz brings back Max– these two showed me that what they have, their love (“I have to go to her. She’s the love of my life.”), is something worth fighting for. An added bonus– all the Liz/Maria scenes. My favorite quote of the episode is a piece of dialogue between them– Liz: “Do you know you’re like the most specialest person in the world to me?” Maria: “Right back at ya.” 🙂 I love them.

Smallville’s latest episode was also pretty exciting– I didn’t care too much about the Whitney/robbers storyline as much as I liked all the character interaction. I can never get enough of Clark and Lex (it’s just a huge plus that they’re both yummy!). Lex made me go “Aww!” when he said “I didn’t come here for the disk. I came here to help out a friend”– or something like that. I don’t remember the exact quote. heh. I also loved the Lex/Lana scene at the end… Lex hit the nail right on the head when he said “I think this is the beginning of an interesting partnership.” It is indeed.