excuses excuses

My friend Ricardo reminded me that it’s been almost a week since my last post. Here are my excuses…

1. I’m still unpacking. Yes, STILL! The kitchen and office are pretty well organized but there are still boxes and piles all over the floor in the living room and the bedroom. It’s taken so long because we’ve been waiting on a few large pieces of furniture (TV stand, bookcase, bed frame/mattress) and didn’t have anywhere else to store our stuff. We have everything now except for our bed frame (it’s coming next Tuesday) so YAY.

2. I’m too busy living at Target. HEH. I’ve been to Target 4 TIMES in the past week. And I’ve purchased many, many items during each trip. Moving is not cheap.

3. I haven’t watched TV regularly in over a month so have nothing to blog about. I know, right? What is wrong with me?!? One of our Tivos broke during the holidays and OF COURSE, it was the one that I used to record my shows (aka the shows that Rob refuses to watch like Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill, Private Practice, Grey’s Anatomy, etc). Shows were on hiatus around that time so it wasn’t a big deal but then in January, I got caught up with packing and planning for the move that I let weeks and weeks go by… now I am so behind. 🙁 The good thing is that we now have a DVR to replace the broken Tivo. SCORE.

4. I’m lazy. HEE! This really sums it up. Case in point, take a look at the navigation on the left. It badly needs some TLC. For one, I am now 29 not 28. For another, all the site links no longer work (I took the pages down awhile back). I really need to a huge site overhaul. But again. I’m lazy.

In other Kelly news, I have a 3-day weekend coming up (thank you US Presidents) and Rob has agreed to go to Disneyland on Valentine’s Day. I have THE BEST hubby in the world. We actually bought each other annual passes for Christmas so we’re going to activate them on Saturday. I hope it doesn’t rain. I’m so excited to wear my Mickey gear again. 😀

Random picture of Rob today during office hours. Isn’t he such a hard-working employee?

Finally, WTF Chris Brown. WTF. You are dead to me.

things to do

KATE WINSLET. I’m so happy with her wins(!) at the Golden Globes. I just love her. And with LEO?!? *swoon*

…From the Revolutionary Road premiere a few weeks back.

Seeing them takes me back to my freshman year in college when Titanic took my little world by storm. I watched the movie in the theatres 10+ times. It’s ridiculous how happy they make me. 😀

So Rob and I are down to about 2.5 weeks left here in the Bay Area and I’m making a list of things that I want to do/see/eat before the big move…

1. Spend as much time as possible with friends! 🙁
2. Go ice skating in Union Square.
3. Walk over the Golden Gate Bridge.
4. Have the BEST RAMEN EVER at Santa Ramen.
5. Take the Scharffenberger chocolate factory tour.
6. Have 1 really nice (but not necessarily expensive) dinner in San Francisco.
7. Go to Tahoe (this is a blatant example of something we won’t get the chance to do because we just don’t have enough time).
8. Have ice cream at both Sketch and Ici.
9. Walk around 4th Street in Berkeley.
10. Visit the UC Berkeley campus, look at the view of the Bay from the top of the Campanile, and purchase as much school paraphernalia as possible.
11. Have the most AMAZING chicken and waffles breakfast at 900 Grayson.
I love that most of these have to do with EATING. 😀 I highly doubt I’ll get the chance to cross everything off the list but we’ll see!

real life update

I know I’m a week late but R.I.P. Heath Ledger. There’s nothing to say except his death was a horrible, horrible tragedy and he will be sorely missed. I didn’t realize that he and I were the same age until this week… it’s a little eerie seeing 1979-2008. 🙁

So… I’m doing so badly at blogging this year. My days seem to be flying by so quickly nowadays (it gets worse and worse every year)… but a real life update is long overdue!

I had a tooth extraction this afternoon… and now that the anesthesia has worn off, I’m in so much pain. *whimper* I’m such a baby.

The hard drive on my laptop is continuing to make really annoying loud huffing noises. Anyone have any experience with this? My prediction is that this is not going to end well. So I’ve been frantically backing up all my data on my external hard drive. As much as I would love to get a shiny new laptop, I so don’t have it in my budget right now. Please don’t die on me. Please don’t die on me.

Wedding planning is… going. 😀 We now officially have a DJ for the reception and a classical guitarist for the ceremony (mmm, live music, yay!). And we’ve finally started our registry. But it is FAR from being completed. It’s actually a lot more work that I thought. It’s not just walking through the store and scanning this and that! (Though that’s totally fun too, lol). Rob and I have a mish-mash of cheap-o kitchen tools and accessories so we’re in need of some quality items. But it’s been tough because we have to research the products and factor in functionality, style, cost, etc. So. Much. Work. But so far, the biggest wedding nightmare has been the GUEST LIST. Compiling those names and addresses and making sure everything is correct is kind of a pain. I just ordered our “Save the Date” postcards so I’m hoping to finish the guest list this week. *crosses fingers*

Speaking of weddings, our old roomie, Jimmy, got married this past weekend. Awww. 🙂 Here’s a picture of Jimmy and me and one of Rob and Eleen (the bride, obviously)…


Please excuse my shiny, round face.

And I have to share a picture of the yummy cupcake bar that they had instead of a traditional wedding cake.

All the cupcakes were made by one of Eleen’s bridesmaids and let me tell you, they were SCRUMPTIOUS. Mmmm. Such a cute idea.

Hmmm. Seeing that picture of me above is making me re-consider the whole “no bangs” look. (I don’t think I ever mentioned it here but back in July, I decided to grow my bangs out because they require so much maintenance). I look ROUND. That’s not quite the look I was going for. ARGH.

Anyway, I’m so, so excited for this week because I only have 2 days of work! Rob and I heading down to LA on Wednesday for a tasting with our wedding caterer. YUM. Can’t wait.

Hope everyone has a good week!

conan in sf

Conan’s in San Francisco this week. I love Conan! I tried to get tickets to see any one of his shows but I was ignored. Rejected, really. 🙁 Oh well. That’s okay, though, cause there’s always YouTube! Some awesome Conan highlights…

San Francisco Tour, Part 1

San Francisco Tour, Part 2

Lucasfilm, Part 1

Lucasfilm, Part 2

Napa Valley, Part 1

Napa Valley, Part 2

The Lucasfilm ones are my favorites. 😀 Conan’s so awesome.

chris and emily

I missed So You Think You Can Dance? tonight but luckily, I have this video to keep me entertained. It’s Dick from VM and Felix from OTH… DANCING! Hehehehe. Thanks Amanda for sharing.

I was also cruising through LJ and found this really cute picture of Emily VanCamp and Chris Pratt —


And then I saw this picture —

As cute as they are, they’ll always be Bright and Amy Abbott to me. SIBLINGS.

I miss Everwood.

american dreams finale

I’m listening to Christmas music right now. LOL. I’m so ready for the holiday season… it’s definitely my most favorite time of the year. I’ve even started my Christmas shopping. HEE!

I downloaded all 13 Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire clips from The Leaky Cauldron and NONE of them had sound for me. Grrr. I guess I’m not meant to spoil myself for the movie, hee. (And Sarah, you’re totally right — the movie comes out on Nov 18. I’m just too excited! I can’t wait any longer, lol).

I think I have a new favorite celebrity couple — Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling. I had absolutely NO CLUE that they were dating until I saw the cute pictures of them grocery shopping. Aww. It’s like Noah and Allie come to life!

An entry wouldn’t be complete without some TV stuff (possible spoilers ahead)…

Am I totally out of the loop? Has Kitchen Confidential been cancelled?

Prison Break is getting another 2 hour Monday event tomorrow so it has me wondering…

Everwood 4.05, Connect Four
This episode made me so happy. I am totally back on the Amy/Ephram train. Not that I ever really stopped loving them… it’s just that after the end of last season, I haven’t actually liked Ephram, which makes it pretty hard to ‘ship them. But as soon as he revealed to Andy that he came back because he’s still in love with Amy, I just melted. That said, I also like Reid/Amy. I was smiling so big during their first kiss. It was so sweet. I’m still not sold on Bright/Hannah but I am beginning to like them. Is that weird? Like, I still feel like they have nothing in common but I can appreciate their scenes now, particularly the one at the end of the episode when Hannah looked so happy to see Bright and he gazed down at her with such a sweet look (aww). Or maybe I’m starting to like them because I foresee a painful break-up? I do love angst, you know. Anyway, my favorite scene of the episode was when Bright was talking to Ephram about breaking up with Hannah. Those two have come so far since last season. I’m so proud. Plus, I just love the way Tom Amandes directed that scene…. with the camera looking up at B/E and the gorgeous mountain backdrop. Soooo pretty.

Grey’s Anatomy
I thought I was all about Derek/Meredith but I’ve learned… it’s ALL about Burke/Cristina. At the end of episode 2.04, when Burke got into bed with Cristina and held her, I think I might have swooned. That was one of the sweetest and most romantic scenes ever. I’m serious. I want those two crazy kids to work out.

One Tree Hill
Haley better not have kissed Chris at the Halloween party. How could he have known Nathan was going as Batman anyway? UGH. So I downloaded Peyton’s podcasts from iTunes out of curiosity and they’re okay. Nothing exciting, especially since Hilarie Burton has kind of a monotone voice. It’s actually an interesting way of tying the show to real life. In the first one, she talks through her feelings about her current storyline with Ellie and in the second one, she talks about music as a part of her life. If you’re not a Peyton fan, I’d skip it.

And for American Dreams fans, there was a good update on the extended finale on Ask Ausiello this week (Thanks to Robyn for the head’s up!)…

Continue reading

dan & emma

OMG. Look!

They are SO. CUTE. Aww. On a totally shallow note, I LOVE Emma’s necklaces and the way she’s layered them. So stylish.

And Dan finally cut his hair! Thank goodness. I did not care for the shaggy look at all. He looks much better with shorter hair. Too bad he didn’t cut his hair *before* filming Goblet of Fire. Oh well.

So… Is it November 16 yet?!? 😀

top model

It’s like the third week of the fall TV season and I’m ALREADY BEHIND. 2 of episodes of Gilmore Girls and 1 episode of The OC are sitting on the Tivo… EEK. I have some serious catching up to do this weekend.


Possible spoilers below…
America’s Next Top Model
Caught the last half of the 2-hour premiere thanks to the Tuesday reruns on UPN. There’s so much Miss Jay this season. I LOVE IT! He definitely makes up for the lack of Janice. Without him, the judging panel would be a total snoozefest. I was a little surprised at the elimination but I’ve finally come to realize that Tyra gets rid of whoever she feels like and not who actually *should* go.

Supernatural 1.03
I still watch this show with my hand partially covering my eyes. I can’t help it — I’m a scaredy cat. Plus, the haunting music doesn’t help. Anyway, I thought the “Monster of the Week” storyline was a little confusing and vague (I mean, WHY were all the killings accelerated? I didn’t get it) but I really enjoyed Amy Acker. I’m sad that her character was only around for this episode. She and Dean could have had something! I can find a ‘ship on ANY show, hehe. But my favorite ‘ship on the show is definitely Sam/Dean. Their brotherly banter is what keeps me watching every week. You know, I never really cared for Jared Padalecki as an actor before (I liked him on Gilmore Girls though he was a little bland) but I think he’s really great on this show. He’s becoming very watchable.

Lost 1.02, Adrift
This episode was so frustrating! I guess it was all the backtracking. I know it was necessary to go back and fill in the story introduced in the premiere but… ARGH. I’m just too impatient. 😛 Anyway, I totally fell in love with Michael and Sawyer in this episode. “What are you gonna do? Splash me?” HEE! They care. Even if it is begrudgingly. It was such a bittersweet moment when they saw the island and called it “home.” Is Michelle Rodriguez finally going to appear next week?!? Can’t wait!

Veronica Mars
SQUEE. I LOVED the premiere. (Well, I do have 1 nitpick and her name is Naima. UGH. Didn’t like her on America’s Next Top Model and I sure didn’t care for her on VM. Why was she there?!). I want to watch the episode again but I have to say that since I pretty much ‘ship Veronica with everyone — Duncan, Logan, Leo — this episode totally made my night! LOL. I also really liked seeing more of Dick (“My name is Richaaard.”) and the introduction of Charisma Carpenter’s character was classic. I’m not sure how I feel about the season-long “mystery” yet — I guess after Lilly’s murder nothing will compare. It seems interesting enough but I wonder if it’ll really keep our attention for 20+ episodes?

Sophia Bush and Chad Michael Murray are now separated. They’ve only been married since April! That’s awful. 🙁 But I can’t help but wonder what this means for their characters on One Tree Hill. EEEK.

random ish

Some of the random, random stuff I’m thinking about…

Hurricane Katrina. 🙁 I can’t watch the news anymore because all the images just make me want to cry. Stupid nature. If anyone wants to help, The Red Cross is taking donations. Every little bit helps.

The CD/DVD drive on my laptop no longer wants to play CDs. WTF. And of course it chooses now when I want to rip my new Death Cab for Cutie CD. Stupid thing. It only reads DVDs now apparently. That’s fantastic. My laptop is only a couple of years old too. GRRR. ARGH.

Emily VanCamp and Chris Pratt are DATING?!? Since when? Holy cow. I won’t be able to watch them interact on Everwood the same way anymore. It’ll be too weird thinking of them as siblings when I know the actors are DATING. They’re messing with my head.

So You Thing You Can Dance is starting to disappoint. The routines have horrible choreography (and some cringe-worthy music) and the dancers don’t seem all that into it anymore. I don’t really think any of the finalists are very good (*cough*Snow*cough*), to be honest. Is that mean? I do enjoy Ryan and Melody, though — Ryan because he can do cool breakdance moves (HOW can he breakdance on his head and not break his neck?!) and Melody because I love her lyrical dance style (plus she’s filipino!).

Ahh, it’s finally summer in the Bay Area. I’ve never understood why our summer is September/October. Whatever, I can still wear tank tops and flips for another few weeks!

I may be going on vacation to Australia (!!!) with my dad after Christmas. SQUEE. I really really really hope we manage to pull this trip together. I’ve always wanted to go to Australia. *sigh*

It’s almost midnight and I’m stuffing my face with Rocky Road ice cream. YUM. Is it any wonder why I don’t lose any weight? Heh.

That’s it for now… only 1.5 days left of work then 3 DAY WEEKEND. YES.