oc promo + fandom meme

I’m currently trying to update my resume. What a complete PAIN. UGH. It’s driving me crazy. I wasn’t actively looking for a job (I’m actually very content working on the sales side of advertising) but one of my contacts at an agency I work with approached me about possibly taking a job there as an Asst. Media Planner, which would be the planning and buying side of the industry. I was really flattered when I was asked and then I found myself seriously considering the offer… I’ve always toyed with the idea about moving over to the agency side but never gave it serious thought until now. The only problem is that I would have to take a severe pay cut (which I’m SO not happy about and I’m not even sure I can afford to — living in the Bay Area is expensive) but the opportunity may be worth it in the long run. I don’t really know what to do. I’ve only told a few people I trust at work (don’t want to raise any red flags if I don’t have to) and the advice I’ve been given has been mixed. Argh. I’ve decided to at least take an interview so we’ll see what happens…

Ok. Back to the regularly-scheduled fangirliness.

I just saw the promo for season 3 of The O.C.. AWWW. I’m such a sucker for pretty people playing on the beach. I’m so ready for the new TV season to start. I’m tired of reruns and reality shows!

I love memes (mostly because I can blog without *really* blogging, hee)…

Five by Five TV Fandom Meme
A) List Five of your TV Fandom Favorites
[Doesn’t have to be your top 5, just five of your favorites.]
1. Which makes you cry the most?
2. Which makes you laugh the most?
3. Which makes you gasp outloud/talk to your TV the most?
4. Which do you do the most art for?
5. Which will/do you miss the most?
B) For each of your favorites, list the following:
1. Favorite Episode
2. Favorite Character
3. Favorite Premiere
4. Favorite Finale
5. Why is it one of your favorites?

A) List Five of your TV Fandom Favorites
Dawson’s Creek, Everwood, The OC, Veronica Mars, American Dreams
1. Which makes you cry the most? Everwood. Hands down. I don’t think I’ve ever cried so much for a TV show as I did for the season 2 premiere. Guh.
2. Which makes you laugh the most? The OC. Sometimes it’s the witty dialogue and sometimes it’s the completely unbelievable scenarios (most of the time involving Marissa).
3. Which makes you gasp outloud/talk to your TV the most? Veronica Mars
4. Which do you do the most art for? Dawson’s Creek. When I was making art (I’m kinda lazy now, heh), I just felt the most inspired by DC.
5. Which will/do you miss the most? American Dreams. It was cancelled WAY before its time.

Dawson’s Creek
1. Favorite Episode: Episode 615, Castaways. An entire episode devoted to Pacey and Joey. How could I not love it?
2. Favorite Character: Jen
3. Favorite Premiere: Tie between the Pilot (so many classic scenes) and the season 4 premiere, Coming Home (Pacey and Joey still in love after their whirlwind summer *sigh*).
4. Favorite Finale: Season 3, True Love. Joey running to the dock to tell Pacey she’s in love with him and then running away for the summer together remains one of my favorite scenes from the show ever.
5. Why is it one of your favorites? It was the first show I really LOVED. I feel very connected to it… maybe because in my mind I link it to my college years? All I know is that I continue to watch the show on DVD and in reruns and love it as much (or maybe even more) as I did when it was still on the air.

1. Favorite Episode: Episode 107, We Hold These Truths. Colin’s first episode and I was immediately in love. Plus, the flashbacks of Amy, Colin and Bright are so adorable.
2. Favorite Character: Can’t choose between Colin and Amy. They’re the best.
3. Favorite Premiere: Season 2, The Last of Summer. I cried like there was no tomorrow.
4. Favorite Finale: Season 1, Home. Notice how I love everything that involves Colin?
5. Why is it one of your favorites? The show isn’t afraid to address controversial topics (ie. abortion episode in s1, Ephram losing his virginity to an older girlfriend in s2). Not to mention that the characters are played by an amazingly talented cast. I always wish the show would receive more recognition than it does.

The OC
1. Favorite Episode: Pilot episode. Nothing can beat Ryan’s introduction to the world of Orange County. Welcome to the OC, bitch!
2. Favorite Character: I’m torn. I love Ryan and Summer equally.
3. Favorite Premiere: Season 2, The Distance. I just love the cab scene in Portland when Ryan and Seth run back to each other. They are so in love.
4. Favorite Finale: Season 2, The Dearly Beloved. A tragic episode that injected some life into the show and created great momentum for season 3.
5. Why is it one of your favorites? Pretty people in beautiful southern CA creating drama for themselves. What more do you want?

Veronica Mars
1. Favorite Episode: Episode 110, An Echolls Family Christmas. Duncan/Weevil/Logan interaction. YAY.
2. Favorite Character: Veronica
3. Favorite Premiere: n/a. While I enjoyed the pilot, I don’t particularly think it’s a great or strong episode. It took about 4 or 5 episodes for the show to really grow on me.
4. Favorite Finale: Season 1, Leave it to Beaver. Ahhh, the culmination of the season’s biggest mystery. Sooo satisfying.
5. Why is it one of your favorites? Love the mix of teenage drama and mystery.

American Dreams
1. Favorite Episode: Pilot. The teaser is probably one of my most favorites of any show. Ever. All the characters are introduced in a short time and all I want is to get to know them. I especially loved the way the teaser ended on Meg’s smiling face as she danced along to American Bandstand. So great.
2. Favorite Character: Meg. Her hopes and dreams for “something more” is something I can definitely relate to.
3. Favorite Premiere: See above regarding the Pilot episode.
4. Favorite Finale: Season 1, City on Fire. Meg and Sam caught in the middle of race riots. *sniff*
5. Why is it one of your favorites? A great ensemble cast and superb storytelling. I miss it so.

top 5 answers – part 1

Part 1 of my Top 5 answers…

Top 5 Albums
1. *N Sync – No Strings Attached (yes, I still love them. :P)
2. Les Miserables – Original Broadway Cast (although I also adore the “Dream Cast” album with Lea Salonga as Eponine)
3. Kelly Clarkson – Breakaway (I love every song on this album — I can’t say that for the majority of albums in my collection)
4. Britney Spears – In the Zone
5. Linkin Park & Jay-Z – Collision Course (my wake-up music of choice)

Top 5 TV Boyfriends
1. Pacey, Dawson’s Creek (he’s practically perfect)
2. Tony, 24 (he committed treason for Michelle — that’s true love)
3. Danny, Las Vegas (purely for shallow reasons — he’s SO HOT!)
4. Chandler, Friends (who doesn’t love a guy who can make you laugh?)
5. Nathan, One Tree Hill

Top 5 TV Shows
1. Dawson’s Creek (my ALL-TIME favorite)
2. Everwood
3. 24
4. CSI
5. Veronica Mars (a newbie on the list! :))

Top 5 Songs (of the Moment — I can’t really think of a definitive list since my favorites change all the time, hee)
1. Collide, Howie Day (I LOVE this song *sigh*)
2. Such Great Heights, The Postal Service
3. Signs, Snoop Dogg ft. Justin Timberlake and Charlie Wilson (makes me want to get up and DANCE!)
4. A Plain Morning, Dashboard Confessional
5. Vindicated Dashboard Confessional

Top 5 Websites You Like To Frequently Visit
1. My Friends page at Live Journal
2. Makeup Alley (I enjoy reading the fashion forum — the women that post there find the greatest sales; both online and off)
3. Leaky Cauldron (I must keep up-to-date with the latest Harry Potter news)
4. Fanbolt Forums (I only lurk — I’m a spoiler whore!)
5. SF Gate — the website for the SF Chronicle (for local news)

Top 5 Stores You Like to Shop At
1. Amazon.com (I know it’s not a brick and mortar store but it’s seriously the best “store” ever)
2. Target (I very rarely EVER leave Target without spending money on something I didn’t originally plan to buy)
3. Banana Republic (for my work basics and coats — they just seem to be cut just right for me)
4. Nordstrom (Can you tell I’m a shopaholic?)
5. GAP Body (home to some of the softest pajamas I own as well as moderately priced intimates)

Top 5 Disney Movies
1. Sleeping Beauty (a classic and my favorite)
2. Aladdin
3. Finding Nemo
4. Beauty and the Beast (the BEST soundtrack)
5. Cinderella

Top 5 Pacey & Joey Moments (OMG Amanda, this one is SO hard!)
1. Joey racing to the dock to tell Pacey she’s in love with him — Episode 323, True Love (I NEVER tire of watching this scene. It makes me unbelievably happy).
2. The “I remember everything” dance — Episode 322, The Anti-Prom (this scene continues to give me chills)
3. Pacey comforting Joey on her dock — Episode 301, Like A Virgin
4. Joey asking Pacey to think for two — Episode 403, Two Gentlemen of Capeside
5. Joey telling Pacey her heart’s a fixed point — Episode 401, Coming Home (an already beautiful scene is made even better by David Gray’s This Year’s Love in the background — just perfect)
Honorable Mention goes to the series finale — finding Pacey and Joey sitting in her apartment together at the end rocked. 🙂

I have 2 more to do… but I need more time! So if you have any other Top 5 requests, ask away! 😀

OTP meme

I started getting ready for the trip to Hawaii (squee!) this weekend… bought flip flops, beach towels, sunscreen, shorts (ugh, I don’t typically wear shorts but they’re a necessary evil), and of course, a swimsuit. Trying on swimsuits was… NOT FUN. I don’t really have body image issues but… blech. I’d rather not have to try on bathing suits again. Ever again. *shudders*

So… I finally managed to finish up sour-lemon.org. Does anyone even remember that I bought that domain months back? lol. Anyway, I basically moved all my wallpapers and scans and combined them into one big multimedia site since I was getting tired of maintaining separate sites. There’s nothing new… yet. But there *is* a new layout! Please visit!

And some memes since I was tagged by Alie

Ships Meme
1. Pick your 5 favorite OTPs (One True Pairings)
2. Find pictures and post them
3. Give the name of the OTP and what fandom they’re from
4. List your favorite moment between them
5. Tag 5 people to do this meme

OTP #1 (aka my favorite ship of all time): Pacey and Joey, Dawson’s Creek

Favorite Moment: Joey running to the docks to tell Pacey she loves him… just in time to sail away with him on the True Love for the summer.

OTP #2: Ephram and Amy, Everwood

Favorite Moment: Ephram returning from his summer in New York to be greeted by Amy at the airport. (This scene *never* fails to make me smile).

OTP #3: Anne and Gilbert, Anne of Green Gables series

Favorite Moment: Gilbert’s marriage proposal to Anne at the end of Anne of the Island. (This is my favorite moment in the movies as well).

OTP #4: Harry and Hermione, Harry Potter

Favorite Moment: The entire time-travel sequence from The Prisoner of Azkaban.

OTP #5: Seth and Summer, The OC

Favorite Moment: Seth “sweeping Summer off her feet” (slow dancing in his room at the end of The Heartbreak).


Hot Guys Meme
List 10 celebrities that you find attractive and then tag 5 of your friends.
01. Joshua Jackson
02. Ewan McGregor
03. Jonathan Rhys-Myers
04. Brad Pitt
05. Josh Duhamel
06. Carlos Bernard
07. Mike Erwin
08. Ben Affleck
09. Michael Vartan
10. Tom Welling

I’m tagging anyone and everyone for both memes! 😛

hp and the goblet of fire trailer

The Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire trailer is online. So. Much. SQUEE. The shots of the trio from the past movies are so cute. Plus, the Harry/Hermione shipper in me loved seeing Hermione yell for Harry when he was fighting the dragon (or at least, I think — it was a very brief shot). Aww. I can’t wait for November.

On a sad note, it looks like American Dreams has been cancelled (this is Chad Darnell’s blog — a guy who used to work on casting for the show — he also works on Lost and Alias so his entries are always fun to read). 🙁 I’m so disappointed in NBC. But even more than that, I’m really sad that the season finale ended up being the series finale. It just doesn’t feel right to have the show end with Meg leaving the way she did. *sigh* There’s no other way to say it so… this sucks.

I started making caps of my Dawson’s Creek season 5 DVDs for High Anxiety and wow, it’s kinda painful, lol. This is my least favorite season — horrible storylines and annoying new characters (Karen, Professor Wilder) — make these episodes tough for me to watch again. However, I’m actually warming up to Audrey again (her downward spiral in season 6 really killed the character for me) and also enjoying Charlie, played by none other than Chad Michael Murray. Hee. But maybe that’s because I keep thinking he’s Lucas from One Tree Hill, except with hair. But I’ve only watched the first 2 episodes so we’ll see how the rest of it goes…
Hope everyone’s having a great weekend!

TV ships meme

Hopping on the bandwagon…

1. Post a list of 10 TV shows you watch/ed (current or cancelled).
2. Have your friends list guess your favorite pairing from each show.
3. When guessed, bold the line & write a sentence about why you like that pairing.
4. Post in your own livejournal blog.

This should be pretty easy, right? Note that I only picked 1 pairing per show…

1. Dawson’s Creek – Pacey/Joey (guessed by Jessica, Robyn, and Nicola)
My ALL-TIME favorite ship. It’s the sweetness and the sarcasm. I just love how their rough edges break down when they’re together.

2. Everwood – Ephram/Amy (guessed by Jessica and Nicola)
Colin/Amy were my original ship on this show but Ephram/Amy were the ones who stayed with me.

3. American Dreams – Sam/Meg
4. 24 – Tony/Michelle (guessed by Jessica, Robyn, and Nicola)
He committed treason for her! That’s love, people!

5. One Tree Hill – Nathan/Haley (guessed by Jessica
I’m not completely loving them right now (stupid Haley!) but I do love their story. How he only went after her to make Lucas angry and ended up falling in love… Aww.

6. The O.C. – Seth/Summer (guessed by Robyn and Nicola)
I don’t know if it’s the prettiness or the playful banter, but they always make me smile.

7. Alias – Syd/Vaughn (guessed by Jessica and Robyn)
I know they’ve kinda fizzled out in the last season or so but… they’re so pretty! And they have such an easy chemistry with each other.

8. Smallville – Lex/Lana (guessed by Robyn)
They have so much potential! And they have far more in common than initially meets the eye. (Or maybe I’ve just read too many of Christie’s fics. Hee).

9. Felicity – Felicity/Noel

10. Friends – Chandler/Monica (guessed by Robyn)
Chandler and his dry wit. Monica and her neuroses. Fantastic.

Guess away! Yay, thanks for guessing! 🙂

another fandom meme

Because I am incredibly behind on TV (I have 3 weeks worth of Everwood episodes to watch — craziness!), a fandom meme…

Snagged from Jessica

1. The first character you first fell in love with: Colin. Loved him from the very first second of We Hold These Truths. He remains my most favorite Everwood character.
2. The character you never expected to love as much as you do now: Ephram. *hides* His constant bad attitude and cynicism got on my nerves in the beginning. But I’ve really enjoyed watching him grow and come into his own… he’s had a great journey.
3. The character everyone else loves that you don’t: Dr. Abbott. I have a soft spot for the guy but I really, really, really dislike the way he treats Bright (especially compared to Amy).
4. The character you love that everyone else hates: Amy. Well, the fandom doesn’t hate Amy as much as I get the feeling that people just like to criticize her. Sure, she can be very self-centered but what teenager isn’t?
5. The character you used to love but don’t any longer: Dr. Brown. His treatment of Madison and now his affair with Amanda have completely soured the character for me.

The OC
1. The first character you first fell in love with: Ryan.
2. The character you never expected to love as much as you do now: Summer. I never expected that the writers would actually give the character some depth. I’m glad they did.
3. The character everyone else loves that you don’t: Lindsay. She makes me yawn.
4. The character you love that everyone else hates: Marissa. I don’t know what it is but she intrigues me… alcohol and lesbian storylines included.
5. The character you used to love but don’t any longer: Seth. He’s become a bit too shrill and self-absorbed. Not to mention that he doesn’t seem to have much respect for his relationships with his friends (case in point: Summer and Zach).

1. The first character you first fell in love with: Tony. (Or maybe I’m just getting the character and the actor confused? lol)
2. The character you never expected to love as much as you do now: Chloe.
3. The character everyone else loves that you don’t: Sherry Palmer. UGH. She was always doing or saying something stupid. I don’t understand why she’s such a popular character within the fandom.
4. The character you love that everyone else hates: Kim.
5. The character you used to love but don’t any longer: Michelle. How could she leave Tony?! Especially after he risked everything to save her life. I’m hoping that she’ll make an appearance this season to explain herself.

1. The first character you first fell in love with: Nick. His innocence is so endearing.
2. The character you never expected to love as much as you do now: Warrick and Brass.
3. The character everyone else loves that you don’t: Sara. She acts so smug sometimes.
4. The character you love that everyone else hates: Catherine. Although I’m not sure I like that she’s actually getting along with Ecklie now. Yuck.
5. The character you used to love but don’t any longer: Sara.

1. The first character you first fell in love with: Sydney.
2. The character you never expected to love as much as you do now: Jack. He’s always been kinda morally ambiguous but I know that he would do anything to protect Syd.
3. The character everyone else loves that you don’t: Sloane. He was a bad guy! He was head of SD-6! I can’t let go of his past just because he’s somehow landed himself a leadership role in a Black Ops division of the CIA.
4. The character you love that everyone else hates: Vaughn. I just… I don’t know. I keep remembering s1/2 Syd and Vaughn and I fall in love with them all over again.
5. The character you used to love but don’t any longer: I don’t know… maybe Dixon? But that’s only because the writers haven’t given him a real storyline in awhile so it’s hard to care when he’s not doing anything.

Dawson’s Creek
1. The first character you first fell in love with: Pacey. All his insecurities hiding beneath the bravado. Awww.
2. The character you never expected to love as much as you do now: Jen. I have to admit that I was a Dawson/Joey fan when the show started, so I naturally disliked Jen for “getting in the way.” She’s since become my favorite character on the show.
3. The character everyone else loves that you don’t: Andie. OMG, she drove me crazy.
4. The character you love that everyone else hates: Gretchen and Drue. Two great additions to season 4. I really wish they had kept Drue on for season 5 — it would have been really interesting to see a relationship develop between him and Jen. The writers really dropped the ball.
5. The character you used to love but don’t any longer: Audrey.

Time for bed…

dc s4 dvds

Squee! Dawson’s Creek season 4 DVDs on Tuesday!


But I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t do some complaining… about the music changes, of course. Here’s the comprehensive list of replacement songs for the DVD release…

— The song I’m most depressed about losing is David Gray’s This Year’s Love. It was played over the final Pacey/Joey scene in the season premiere, which is one of my most favorite moments of the show. Ever. Sniffle. That song, to me, was like the theme for Pacey and Joey’s relationship in this season… *sigh*

Superman didn’t make the cut in 402. They messed with another one of my favorite Pacey/Joey scenes! * shakes fist*

— Yes! Never Saw Blue Like That in 403 is intact. Phew. I’ve always loved the way this song gave the Dawson/Pacey scene a hopeful tone.

Crazy For This Girl in 408 is gone, which is so bizarre to me because the song is on the official soundtrack (Volume 2). I guess they didn’t get clearance for the DVDs when that deal was inked. *shrugs*

— I have to say that I’m not all that sad to see that Takes My Breath Away was replaced in 414. I know that it’s played over a particularly significant Pacey/Joey scene but… I just wasn’t all that crazy about the song itself. I’m interested to hear the replacement.

— Bye bye to In the Sun from 416. This song introduced me to Joseph Arthur so I’m sad to see it go.

— I’m in shock (SHOCK, I tell you!) that Sweet Jane has been replaced in 418. Jen and Dr. Frost talk about the song in the first act so when it plays during the montage at the end, it serves as kind of a nice bookend to the episode. GUH.

— Another disappointment. No more Waiting For My Real Life To Begin in 421. This is from my second favorite Dawson/Joey scene of the season (the first being their scene together in Self-Reliance). Bah. It’s like all my favorites — gone!

— Well, at least they kept Fields Of Gold in 422. That’s a plus.

ARGH. I’m so conflicted. I love having DC on DVD but it’s not the same knowing that they’re not the “original” episodes.

they’re here!

SCORE! My Dawson’s Creek DVDs came today! I wasn’t expecting them until tomorrow so it was such a pleasant surprise to come home and find them here. Yayayayay. Amazon.com rocks my world.

I only watched a little bit of it so far and I have to say that the image quality of this set is *much* better than that of season 2. The picture is vibrant and gorgeous and it’s not noticeably grainy like the previous set. Right on.

The theme song change isn’t that bad either. The first few times I watched the credits it was a bit jarring not to hear Paula Cole but I do think ‘Run Like Mad’ is a better song overall. I guess if changing it saved money for the other songs, then I’m not going to complain.

Also, there’s a little insert that says Season 4 is coming soon! I’m such a Happy Kelly today. 😀

dc s3 DVDs

The Dawson’s Creek season 3 DVDs are out tomorrow (or today depending on when you read this)! WOOHOO!

I’m over the moon excited about having this season on DVD. (PACEY & JOEY!) My tapes are not in good condition after the repeated viewings over the years. I still have to wait until Wednesday to get my grubby little hands on the DVD set, though, because Amazon shipped them today and I paid for 2-day shipping. Hehe.

My only concern is the music! Guh. I wish it was possible to keep the original music for the DVD releases but there are monetary obstacles. Of course. If anyone’s interested, here is the complete list of replacement songs…

— I can’t believe the theme song was changed! WOW. I wasn’t expecting that at all. I *always* watch the credits (don’t know why but I do) and now… it’ll be weird. I can’t believe I won’t be hearing I don’t wanna wait anymore…

— Yes! “Hold On” in 301 made the cut. The Pacey/Joey dock scene wouldn’t be the same without it.

— Yes! “That Would Be Good” also made it in 308. I was worried about this one because Alanis Morissette is a popular artist and I figured the fees for this song would be too high. Anyway, yay!

— *clunk* NO! “Both Sides Now” was replaced in 312 when Pacey watches Joey fall asleep. I love that Joni Mitchell song.

— *gasp* “In Your Keeping” from 320 didn’t make it! This is killing me. This song is so damn angsty and fit perfectly with Joey standing alone on the dock at the end of the episode.

— Score! “My Invitation” from Pacey and Joey’s prom dance in 322 made it. Phew! That scene is very high on my all-time favorite DC scenes and I’m happy they didn’t mess with it.

— “I Will Be There For You” got the ax. Crap. That’s when Joey runs down the dock to find Pacey in 323…

— But YES! Pacey and Joey sailing away to “Days Like These” in 323 is still intact. Another sigh of relief. The end of the entire season must not be messed with.

I guess I’m a little disappointed in some of the songs they chose to replace (especially the theme song) but overall I’m just *so* happy that this season is being released on DVD. I know I’m going to be spending my weekend in front of the TV. 🙂

fixing php

Grrreat… I happened to find myself on CodeGrrl.com when I discover that the method I’ve been using to convert my site to php is susceptible to hackers. FABULOUS. I use dynamic inclusion on all of my sites! So now instead of writing my Tuesday TV commentary, I better start fixing code…

Oh, but wait — to go along with my previous entry, the Dawson’s Creek Season 3 DVDs are available for pre-order! Score!